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    New Toy

    Hi All

    Just drove my new out of crate 2016 F6 home from a dealer 250+ miles. Trial by fire through I 80, I 84 to New York replete with construction zones, loose gravel, and uneven pavement. This is the biggest MC I have ever driven. I enjoyed the solid handling, except the tires (bridgestone), but I was babying it anyway. Will look to swap them out when I find a recommended replacement. At times I felt like I was riding in an SUV compared with my other rides. She is smooth but took some getting used to the clutch and shifting regimen. Loved the horn too and it was used a couple of times along the way. My only complaint that was not apparent from test rides was how weird the wide A$$ seat is. I'm 5'11 and getting both legs and feet to ground was causing some discomfort in the thighs when I needed to do so. Ride position is very acceptable but I have had better seats for my boney butt. I am used to more forward controls and leaned-back ride position of my other cruisers. My wife has not taken any rides yet but loves the wider passenger pad, more accommodating for her if you know what I mean. Wish I could've found a Deluxe but think the lines on the standard are perfect as is. Think I will add passenger backrest if I find an alternative (no one has OEM in stock).

    Well, I will be looking forward to comments and post from all the experienced GWF6 lovers here. I find forums to contain the truth (once you dig through the myriad opinions).

    Safe Ride All

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    glad to have U with us.
    Congrats on the new F6B, enjoy.
    Life is too short, eat dessert first.

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